Fingerprints Digitization for clients outside Canada

If you were asked to provide an RCMP police certificate from Canada, you are required to submit your digital fingerprints electronically via an accredited RCMP fingerprinting agency. This can only be done in Canada.

Applicants living overseas find themselves in a situation where they are unable to attend an accreditted agency and do not want to bear the financial and time burden to travel to Canada for this simple task. 

The persons concerned by this situation are usually Canadian citizens or permanent residents living abroad or foreign applicants who have lived in Canada for more than six months and who need a Canadian police certificate for either Immigration, employment, adoption or any other reason.

At CII Fingerprinting Services Inc., as part of our interantional fingerprinting services we offer the solution to convert Ink fringerprints that can be taken at any local police station to digital and submit them directly and instantly after receiving them to the RCMP. For that, we ask our clients for the following:

1 - Ink fingerprints taken on an RCMP C216C form that we provide you with via email.

2 - Notarized copies of two of your IDs. One ID should have a photo. Please see what documents are considered valid IDs.

3 - A consent to release the results to a third party if the results are to be sent to an address in Canada other than that of the applicant. (Please ask us for a consent form).

We also offer to send your police certificate to your address abroad by courier at an added cost.

Our clients can expect to receive their criminal record search results from the RCMP in as little as 7 days to their Canadian address.

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