Digital and Electronic Fingerprints

Digital or Electronic fingerprint submissions are usually required to obtain a certified RCMP police certificate or criminal record. The most common reason for police certificates requests we receive in our downtown officer is to apply for Canadian Citizenship or immigration. For instance all new citizenship applications and immigration application under the Express Entry program require that applicants provide police certificates from Canada and the countries where they resided for more than six months.

Digital fingerprinting reduces the RCMP processing time for criminal record checks tremendously. The RCMP's porcessing time for digital fingerprints submissions is 2 to 72 hours compared to 10 to 12 weeks when done by Ink and Roll. Inkfingerprinting stays the option for spolice certificates applications to the FBI and other foreign police authorities.

CII Fingerprinting Services Inc. is accreditted by the RCMP to capture and submit digital and electronic fingerprints. We use the latest technology to get you the fastestand the most secure service in a professional and discreet environment. Our clients can expect to receive their police certificates or record check results in as little as to 7 days from the day of submission.

Below is a non exhaustive list of the most common applications requiring digital fingerprinting:

  • Civil applications: employment with the Federal, employment with the Provincial, employment with Municipallities namely the city of Toronto, and emmployment with Private Companies. Also, police certificates based on digital fingerprints are often required by certain licensing bodies like the Law Society of Upper Canada, ICCRC, the Ontario Real Estate Association, etc...
  • Vulnerable Sector Checks: volunteers and staff with vulnerable members of society such as children, the elderly or persons with disabilities - teachers, social workers, day-care workers, nurses and children’s sports coaches.
  • Applications for Canadian Citizenship and immigration to Canada including application under the Express Entry Stream.
  • Applications for criminal record to apply for Pardon, record suspension and US Entry Waivers.
  • Foreign travel: Border Crossing, Work Permit, Study Permit and Long Stays Visitors Visa to certain countries such as France, Spain and Italy.
  • Permanent residence and Citizenship in foreign countries.
  • Foreign Passport applications, renewals or extensions as required by embassies and consulates.
  • Access to information Requests
  • Social services requirement and court requests. Canadian and International Adoption.

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