Ink and Roll Fingerprints

Ink and Roll is the traditional way of capturing fingerprints for the purpose of applying for a criminal record serach or a police certificate. In Canada Ink and Roll has been replaced by digital or elctronic fingerprinting. All fingerprints submissions to the RCMP has to be done electronically expect when dealing with certain Federal Governement Offices that still requires Ink fingerprints on RCMP C216C Form.

However, Ink fingerprints are still used for all police certificate requests destined to foreign countries.

FBI Identity History Summary applications stay the number one reaon for ink fingeprints at our office. FBI FD-258 fingerprint cards are used for this purpose.

FBI police certificates are usually required for immigration to Canada under the Express Entry Stream and Spousal sponsorships. It also often required for licensing with different levels of authorities in the USA.

Also, certain countries requrire ink fingerprints taken in Canada to issue police certificates to the applicants. The main countries who have an ink fingerprints requirement are:

- Hong Kong for the Certificate of Non Criminal Convictions (CNCC),

- The Philippines for their NBI clearance,

- Nigeria for their Police Character Certificate,

- Bahrain for their Good Conduct Certificate,

- The United Arab Emirates (UAE) fro their Criminal Clearance Certificate or Certificate of Good Conduct,

- Dominica for their Criminal Record Information,

- Egypt for their Criminal Record Certificate,

- Ethiopia for their Certificate of Good Conduct,

- Qatar for their Police Clearance Certificate,

- Singapore for their Certificate of Clearance (COC),

- Mexico for their Constancia De Antecedentes Registrales,

- St. Vincent, Saint Lucia, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Haiti, British Virgin Islands and Grenada for      their Police Certificate.

CII Fingerprinting Services Inc. is an RCMP accredited agency that is certified to capture fingerprints. We strive to offer you to the best, fastest and most professional service.

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